“Competed on the highest level…”

“Marty Stone has competed successfully on the highest level, and now, as a commentator, he has seen every aspect and situation that an angler faces.  Through his academy, an angler can exponentially make the learning curve much shorter.

“Marty’s academy will place anglers light years ahead of where an angler will be without it.  I wish I would have had this same opportunity 20 years ago.

“Without a doubt, I would send my son, Kade, to Marty to help develop the skills required to fish at a higher level.”

“You’re in good company…”

“Marty’s knowledge and understanding in all aspects of professional bass fishing is second to none.  His advice, coaching, and teachings on the business side of the sport have allowed me to take my career to a level that I did not know was possible.

“If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be this: Find Marty Stone earlier and absorb as much knowledge as possible from his experiences in all aspects of professional bass angling.

“I wrote this statement about 27 times, 47 different ways.  It is hard to put into words how much Marty has meant to my career.  I’ll never forget it!”

Andy Montgomery

Professional Bass Angler

“Marty knows everything about each pro angler…”

“If there is one guy that I would pick to teach me something, it would be Marty Stone.  Marty has spent the last decade watching all of us make moves in the fishing industry – good or bad – and he knows everything about each pro angler.”

Bobby Lane

Professional Bass Angler

“The perfect skill set…”

“I have known Marty for over 25 years.  I have witnessed his talent and competitive skills as well as his business savvy.  As our MLF analyst, Marty has had the unique opportunity to watch firsthand the best bass anglers compete at the highest level for years.  In my opinion, Marty has acquired the perfect skillset to instruct all inspiring anglers on a competitive bass fishing career path.”

Gary Klein
Professional Bass Angler

“Best in the sport…”

“Being a professional bass angler takes a lot of hard work!  It takes years of commitment, passion, and determination to be able to put yourself in the right position to ‘make it.’

“Like me, Marty has done that.  He has paid his dues and has been a student of the sport for the more than 20 years that I have known him.  Not only has he competed at the highest level of the sport – and won – but he’s been behind the scenes watching and learning from the best in the sport as an analyst for Major League Fishing.

“If you’re looking to move to the next level much faster than you can learn by yourself, then the MJS Academy is your ticket.  Marty’s knowledge and coaching abilities will help fine tune your skills and become a next-level angler.”

Skeet Reese
Professional Bass Angler