the MJS Academy

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be a professional bass angler?

The MJS Academy can help you answer this question.  I designed and created the MJS Academy to fill the void of having no professional coaching available in the sport of bass fishing. 

The world’s greatest athletes all have professional coaching – so why not bass fishermen?  The sport of bass fishing has grown tremendously over the past ten years, and the skill set of anglers is increasing daily.  The line between success and failure in bass fishing is razor thin, and because the cost associated with playing our sport is so high, the window for young, aspiring anglers is smaller than ever.  For an angler to excel, the angler needs a competitive edge.  Personal and strategic coaching will give you that edge. 


What Sets Me Apart?

Our country is full of amazing fishing guides who are experts on their home waters, but they don’t understand what it takes to be successful anglers on bodies of water across the country.  Professional tournament anglers who fish across the country can only teach from their individual experience and perspective. 

This is what sets me apart.  I’ve documented thousands of hours watching the best in our sport – Kevin Van Dam, Jacob Wheeler, Ott Defoe, Aaron Martens, Michael Neal, Jordan Lee, Skeet Reese, Bobby Lane and many other bass fishing superstars and Hall of Fame anglers – fish all different bodies of water.  I’ve seen their decision-making processes, what they do when things aren’t going as planned, and how they adapt to changing conditions.  I have learned an extraordinary amount from all of them.  These are invaluable nuggets that I wish I had known when I was competing at the highest levels of tournament bass fishing, and I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with you!




Here are topics and skills that Marty will cover on the water:

  1. Developing a zone-based approach to breaking down water while focusing on improving an angler’s speed and efficiency.
  2. Practicing with your eyes while trusting your instincts.  
  3. Having a sense of urgency in practice and tournaments without having a sense of panic.    
  4. Recognizing an “area” rather than trying to discover a “pattern.” 
  5. Applying the concept of “fishing the best and skipping the rest.”
  6. Understanding “winning baits,” key lures that will win 95% of all events.
  7. Understanding the importance of boat positioning and casting accuracy.  
  8. Understanding seasonal movements of forage and bass.
  9. Understanding the lunar effects on bass fishing and using these to your advantage.  


Is the MJS Academy for you?

I designed this academy for a specific group of aspiring anglers.  If you are a:

  • High school angler wondering if professional bass fishing is a viable career path
  • College angler who is ready to take your game to the “next” level
  • BFL angler who knows that with slight improvements there will be bigger and better results
  • A Toyota Series or BASS Opens angler who is ready to take the final step to become a full-time bass pro
  • A professional bass angler that feels you have lost your edge
  • Any bass angler who feels stuck and is ready to up your game

If any of the above represent you, then the MJS Academy is here to help make your dreams a reality! 

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