Become a Next-Level Angler!

Professional Coaching for Bass Anglers Who WANT MORE.


Any aspiring competitive bass angler can improve his or her knowledge and skills by using the MJS Academy. 


Develop a process that you can use nationwide to quickly break down bodies of water and catch more bass. 


Common questions below to see if MJS is right for you!

Kerr Lake, Lake Gaston, Mayo Lake, and Falls Lakes can all be utilized.  Lakes will be chosen depending on the time of year, current lake conditions, and goals that each student has stated.  Marty will determine the lake used each day that provides the highest possible learning experience. 

Yes.  Each student has the option to use his or her own boat or to use Marty’s boat.  If Marty’s boat is used, he will make both rod boxes, front middle storage box, and storage box behind the driver’s seat available to the student.  He will also allow an off-load time before the boat is launched on the water.  Marty’s equipment will be current year model provided courtesy of Angler’s Choice Marine.

You will use your own rods, reels, lines, hooks, and lures.  This is an educational experience that is designed to help you get most out of your current equipment while teaching you the process of breaking down lakes faster and more efficiently. 

No. Marty is only in the boat to observe, teach, and coach. 

Fill out the contact form on the MJS Academy website.  Include your experience as a bass angler, tournament accomplishments (no more than five should be listed), areas in which you want to improve, goals you want to reach as an angler, and your preferred dates.

Marty will determine if you are a potential student of the academy.  He will follow-up to let you know if the dates provided work for him or he will offer different dates that are available. 

Once an agreed date has been chosen, the student will pay for his or her chosen package (one, two, or three days) on the MJS Academy website.  Only credit or debit cards will be accepted.  Once payment is received, Marty will send a confirmation to the student. 

  1. Yes.  However, the selected lake may change unexpectedly depending on the conditions of the lake.  The academy will purposefully push an angler out of his or her comfort zone, which normally involves breaking down unfamiliar waters. 

Yes.  Each package includes follow-up phone calls and emails.  The number of these calls and emails is determined by the package chosen.  Also, each student will receive a 40-plus item evaluation with a written review at the end of the evaluation.  This evaluation will be sent within seven days of your day(s) on the water with Marty.

Yes.  Marty is equipped to teach two students in the same boat each day.  The learning curve can double with each student learning from the others’ successes and failures.  Also, some anglers only focus on team events.  Marty has had many successes competing at a team level and will teach your team strategies that will make your team more successful. 

The package rate is per person, not per boat.  If you are in the boat, you are an individual student and will be charged accordingly. 

No.  It is important for all anglers to develop their own instincts.  This starts with how you develop a strategy as an angler to break down a body of water.  The Academy is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and push you to new limits.  Parents, spouses, and friends are amazing, but they are not in the boat with you on tournament day. 

At the end of the day, we can review with a parent present, but Marty is the only coach in the boat during instruction. 

The cancellation policy is such: 50% returned 180 days out from the date booked, 30% returned 60 days out, and 25% returned 30 days out.  Any cancellation within 30 days of instruction will receive no amount of refund.  Marty puts in a lot of prep work before each session to design personalized training for you.

Most days will be a go.  Tournament anglers must fish in all kinds of weather, as events are rarely cancelled or delayed.  If lightening is forecasted, we will use extreme caution.  If lightening is seen, we will get off the water.  Most dangerous weather events will cause the day to be delayed and extended but not shortened.  However, if weather conditions make it impossible to get in the full day that a student has booked, then another date can be agreed upon or a full refund will be given.


Email Marty five preferred dates and let Marty match it with his Major League Fishing schedule. 

If none of the preferred dates work he will give some available dates.  

Email Marty Here!