I have found that the three toughest things for a man to do is:

  1. Say ” I am sorry”
  2. Admit when they are wrong
  3. To enjoy in another man’s success- no jealousy.

Knowing this I constantly work on all three. As most know I was opposed to any type of Alabama Rig ban. I do not claim to be an expert and I still believe that FLW made the right call to give it a year an evaluate. I never thought it would go into post spawn and summer months, but I can honestly say the more I experiment with it- that it is almost too good.

I am having to learn it and I have found that if you add Zoom Super Swimmin Fluke and or Zoom Super Swimmin Fluke Jr., this thing is almost as good as live bait. Should it be banned from tournament fishing?

Still to soon to tell, but it is getting close to that status. It is incredible! If it gets banned I will understand.

Should it have been given a year to study? Yes! I might end up being wrong! Tough to admit!