This week I volunteered to bring biscuits to our men’s Bible study. Ok confession is good for the soul- I had been late enough times that I felt if I did not do something drastic my in good graces card gets revoked- ha! So at 530 am I am at McDonalds drive through ordering six sausage egg and six bacon egg biscuits. Got all but one when the person at the window asked me to move forward because they ran out of egg.

So my question which I thought was fair- hmmm-was if I move forward is that going to assist in creating more egg for Mickey D. For which she replied that she had customers with smaller orders they could fill behind me with egg. I thought but did not speak, I had the right to remain silent and choose to use it. Who says God does not get up early- and has a sense of humor? There is no doubt I was being tested first thing in my patience and for those of you who know me knows that is not something I consider a strength! Told you I had one of those moments! Hope everyone has a great weekend.