FLW BFL - Marty Stone


Lake Norman BFL—2/27/2016

Unseasonably cold for a few weeks leading up to the event had water temps from 44’ to 52’. The days had been getting longer so it had fish on the move. I concentrated from Mid-Lake down. For the first third of the day I was throwing mid depth crank baits in crawfish pattern that ran 3-6 feet deep. The bites where few and far between—they were located on the end of private boat ramps and rocky corners. As the day progressed I was able to expand to slightly dirtier water in the back thirds of creeks. Rocks and docks became the primary target. Fishing was still scatted at best. By 1230pm I had a limit and then moved to the back end of creeks with a good stain. Caught several fish on crank baits on rocks and a few key fish on a vibrating jig under docks. In summary – I had to move a lot and mix it up – I fished fairly clean and did not lose any key fish. That is hard to do with the light bite. I never had a big bite to get me closer. I never found the “right“ area, but I ran enough ok water that I survived! One step closer to the regional and All-American!

Lake and Weather Conditions:

1. Lake was down about 4’.

2. Water temp 44’ to 52’

3. West to SW wind 0-10

4. Morning lows 33 degrees—warming to mid fifties

5. Water color—main lake stained from all the recent rains. Creeks—mouth fairly stained, middle third—fairly clean in most, back third very dirty from all the rain and run off three days prior.