Hello and welcome to MartyStone.com, the official website of BASS Elite Series pro Marty Stone.

Okay, okay, I already know what you’re saying: “Great, another bass pro’s website that will not be updated.”

Not so fast. Before you hit that back button, let me explain.

Several years ago I didn’t feel a Website was a necessity for a professional angler because the sport was so well covered on television, Internet and magazines. The media followed pros on the water and off, into our trucks, hotel rooms and homes. Everything we did was a story – what pros ate for breakfast, what kinds of music we listened to, what color shoes we wore – anything you wanted to know about a contemporary pro on the BASS Elite Series could be found in the substantial amount of media covering the sport.

Well, fast forward to 2010 and welcome to professional bass fishing now. In short, the media craze for our sport has sort of fizzled. Why?

Well, the reasons are numerous. The sagging economy and intensive cutbacks on every level have impacted our sport severely.

And who knows? Maybe bass pros sort of wore out their welcome with so much coverage on mainstream outlets. Or maybe, just maybe, bass pros are really not that interesting to the masses. After all, the world’s greatest golfer and his love life are certainly way more interesting to the general public than a bass pro’s latest dance moves.


So, for a variety of reasons, professional bass fishing does not garner the sheer amount of coverage that it used to. But here’s what I do know: there is still a core group of fanatical tournament anglers out there who follow our sport for the pure love it and you folks want to know what’s going on out on the pro Tours, especially in terms of lures and techniques. And that’s the very reason I started my own website.

Yes, there are fishing websites out there that do a fine job of covering tournaments. But much of what you get from those sites is coverage of the top five pros for a particular tournament.

But what about the guy who jumped from 75th to 20th on the last day with a 25-pound bag? What happened to the guy who finished butt naked last? What about the guy who borrowed a lure from his roommate and ended up catching a 5-pounder on it at the last second to make the Classic? What about the guy who knocked his lower unit off and was forced to fish somewhere he never fished before and managed a solid check out of the whole ordeal?

You get the point: I’ve been that guy on many occasions and those stories of my tournament trials and tribulations will now be found here on MartyStone.com, told from my perspective of how things went down for me at each tournament.

This site will be updated with short blogs about what’s happening during and in between the tournaments. Then, after each event, I’ll post a post-tournament summary on my performance (good or bad), including how the fish were caught and what tackle trends are taking shape on the BASS Elite Series.

And here’s the best part: you the reader will have instantaneous access to all the equipment, lures and tackle making waves on the Elite Series thanks to a unique partnership between Tacklewarehouse.com and myself.

Tacklewarehouse.com has established itself as the industry leader in supplying America’s bass anglers – from top pros to weekend warriors – with the latest, greatest tackle and equipment, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Now, whenever something red hot like the Chatterbait, Sebile Magic Swimmer, Lake Fork Spoon, or Buckeye Mop Jig breaks on the Elite Series, you can read about it right here and click on the highlighted products to be linked directly to that product on Tacklewarehouse.com where you can view it, learn more about it and even order it to be delivered to your front door the next day.

As the season progresses I’ll have more announcements about my sponsor base, provide my personal opinions about the state of our great sport and most of all keep you informed on what the fish are biting across the country as I fish the BASS Elite Series and Northern Opens.

So for my first tips column here, I’d like to invite you to check in with MartyStone.com to get the latest on my tournament fishing adventures.

Dream Big,