Living the Dream Behind the Camera

Major League Fishing has been a project I am so blessed to be a part of on many fronts. I am fortunate enough to have been a part of this at the very beginning. Gary Klein had a true vision of how he thought competitive fishing could be aired differently, Boyd Duckett had the vision of how it could become a successful angler owned business, and then we found the perfect partner with the Outdoor Channel. We filmed our first event at Amistad in 2011 and it aired in 2012.

When I go back and look at those early events, I am grateful we had patient fans. We did some things well, we did some things ok, and we did a lot of things with what I call “max” effort with not enough planning.

The things I see on the water with this group of anglers is nothing short of amazing!Fast forward to 2018. We are much better at providing angler led content and our group of professional anglers get “it”. They know fans want to watch them catch more and bigger fish and teach along the way. I have also watched our anglers improve at playing the game. The things I see on the water with this group of anglers is nothing short of amazing!

When we started, I will be the first to admit, I was bummed and wanted to fish, but God has led me down a different career path that is really cool! I have my day job as a Financial Advisor and then my other “part-time” job is the Color Analyst for Major League Fishing, which is one of the most challenging things I have ever done.

I have a demanding producer with me at all times, full time professional cameraman in the boat at all times, and the greatest seat on the lake as I watch the best in the business do their thing.  My role will always be to add to what the Pro’s contribute and help explain to fishing and sport fans the mental and physical grind these great anglers go through. My producer and cameraman have pushed me harder and further than I thought possible. Now the challenge is for us to continue to grow, to continue to bring content the fans wants, and most importantly, grow this great sport we all love!

2018 Major League Fishing Filming Schedule
  • World Championship of Major League Fishing – March 5-10
  • Major League Fishing Summit Cup – August 13-18
  • Major League Fishing Challenge Cup – October 29 – November 3