I normally do not open this box- promoting a great cause with an auction to raise money. The reason is there are truly so many wonderful causes and soon as I do one and leave others out I will inadvertently offend someone, but in my life there are exceptions to most all rules.

A great friend of mine in Texas told me about an auction that he is helping with in conjunction with a local bass tournament. “Citizens of West VFD Auction”- obvious for who it is for. I know I am donating one of my last ever jerseys and several Classic Patterns DVD’s. I also know some of my peers like Timmy Horton, KVD, and Alton Jones just to mention a few have donated “stuff” as well!

If you are interested in bidding on merchandise but cannot attend call 254-379-0949. Tell them I sent you and you want some information on the donated items. Or if you are just interested in helping call same number and they will have information on how to do it.

I can speak highly of this group. I know one of the lead individuals very well- class act! Help if you can. Thanks!