We truly enjoy each others company!

My wife, Robin and I, have been married for twenty four years and counting. Talk about a great “sales” job. I talked her into being a fisherman’s wife for over 23 years. Now we are enjoying more time together as a family.

Since, I have come off the road and reconnected in the daily lives of my family, it has given me a greater appreciation for what all moms with a traveling husband have to go through. We are non-stop chasing the kids around and I wouldn’t change a thing!Our son, JT, has been involved in high level travel baseball since 2012. We have traveled to many states on the Eastern part of the country. As parents, will feel every success and learning experience that he has had as a student athlete. Not to mention his academic accomplishments as well.

Our daughter, Riley G, is our blonde “bomb shell”. She has such an incredible creative spirit. She really is a well rounded young lady. She competes in Battle of the Books, Girls on the Run (5k)–we have ran almost 10 races together. She is also involved with Girl Scouts, AWANA and the student government! To say she is fairly busy is the understatement of the century.

Then add in two adopted dogs and three fish in a bowl–no bass!  Our smallest dog is a pekingese wannabe named Elvis. He is the king of the house – all fifteen pounds. He has earned his name  Our second dog is our newest edition. She is a four year old yellow lab we adopted last year. Her name is Jena. She runs security for everyone in the house. At the end of the day she is Riley’s dog. Those two are inseparable! Our three fish are a revolving group that ends up outliving all life expectancies of captive fish!

We play hard, travel a lot, but most importantly we truly enjoy each others company.