We truly enjoy each others company!

My wife Robin and I got married November 2, 1991. Talk about a great “sales” job. I talked her into being a fisherman’s wife for over 23 years and now she is putting up with my dual career as a Financial Advisor and Color Analyst for Major League fishing. The great thing about not competing as a professional angler is geting to spend more time together as a family!

Play as if everyday, you wear your uniform, you are one day closer to never wearing it again!We are blessed with two children, JT and Riley. JT is a student athlete at Mount Olive University where he is competing in college baseball. I tell kids all the time to “dream big” and play as if, everyday you wear your uniform, you are one day closer to never wearing it again. That is definitely true of most college athletes. We are so proud of the work and dedication he has put in!

Riley is our girl with a quick wit and incredible personality. Unfortunately for her, she has a little of my sarcasm! She loves to draw, play music, read and enjoys watching episodes of Psych (which I will admit she has me hooked on—Shawn & Gus rock!). She also has a love for animals as she watches over our two adoptive pets; Elvis and Jenna. Elvis is a wannabe Pekingese that is 15 pounds plus. Don’t mistake him for plump; instead mistake him for Fluffy! Jenna is our lab we adopted in 2015. She is our in-house security who will protect Riley first and foremost. I do hope wherever Riley goes to college they will allow dogs, because Jenna will be lost without her.

Both the kids are getting older and we will miss the days we are all together, but we enjoy each other’s company more than ever! Robin and myself are so blessed in so many ways! Ask her and she will tell you, she is still hard at work trying to training me; I have a feeling Jenna will learn quicker!