Sorry for being behind on post. New job at Morgan Stanley has been “difficult” in a good way! Very challenging and a big change in scenery! I am having a great time adjusting. I will admit I am playing fantasy fishing at BASS and FLW and never realized how much fun it is. In my present job I guess I would be called an insider in the fishing world!:)- I am learning a few things. The Classic will be a great fish catching event no matter what people say about the weather! That lake is loaded with fish. One of the best non-grass lakes I have ever been on!

One last update. Fishing my first BFL this weekend at lake Norman. Forecast 50 degrees and rain! I would not want it any other way. I am like a kid getting ready for it. I have not made a tournament cast since September 2012! This should be interesting! Will give an update when done.