Here are a few pictures from the Bassmaster Elite Series event at Clear Lake, California.  This is Saturday mornings launch.

Rough start to ‘California Swing’

BASS calls it the Duel in the Delta…I might as well call it the Drool in the Delta because that’s about all I do when I go to the California Delta for a tournament.

During the 2010 Elite Series season opener I brought in a whopping two-day total of 11-06 for a wonderful 76th place start to the year. Not too good!

The Delta is a superb fishery but this time around it was a little stingy to the BASS field as a whole. A late spring and cooler-than-average-water temperatures had the catches off pace. Usually after day one at the Delta, it takes at least a 20-pound bag to be in the running for the top 12; this year it was 15 pounds and there was only one 20-pound plus bag weighed in on day one.

The Delta is a tidal fishery, and though I’ve fished my share of tidal water, especially back East on the James and Potomac systems, I’ve never seen a place where bass are so sensitive to tides. Out West it’s like the bass have small 20- to 30-minute windows that they feed in depending on the tide. When that small tidal window is open and they’re feeding, you can look like a hero with 10 to 15 bites on a 100-yard stretch. But here’s the problem: they only feed like that on that particular tide for a half an hour at the most and then they’re done.

During practice I found two places like this. At a certain tide (for me it was the last hour of incoming, when it was the fullest) I got about 10 bites in two different 50-yard stretches. Unfortunately these two places were about 40 miles apart. But what made them so valuable to me was that, according to the tide charts, I was going to be able to duplicate the high tide feeding window on these two places during tournament hours.

I got to fish both places at the right tides and the few I caught came quickly during that narrow window of time, but it’s like that window just wasn’t open long enough. I got two or three bites in a row and then it was over. I mostly cranked rip-rap with a Bandit 200 in Spring Craw and a Pure Poison cranking jig.

And with all that running around between spots, I did something I’ve never done before in a tournament: I ran out of gas, not once but twice!

Both days I ran out of gas – 52 gallons each day. On day one, I actually made it to weigh-in, then ran out running back to where I put in. On day two I ran out of gas about a mile from the check-in. Much thanks to Kelly Jordon for bringing me in on day two or I wouldn’t have been able to weigh-in my two “monsters.”

In all, it was a very frustrating tournament and now I’m zero for five in the check-getting department in California. The bass in this state owe me…maybe I’ll get some revenge at Clear Lake coming up next!

Dream Big,


Here are a few videos I shot while down at the Bassmaster Classic.  There a three videos in all, one about the XPoint hooks, one about Daiichi Treble hooks and finally about Bleeding Bait Hooks. Here is a link to the rest of the videos.  Thanks and enjoy!

Elite Series pro Marty Stone re-spools with Vicious Fishing

DORA, Ala. (Feb. 28, 2010) – Vicious Fishing, makers of premium quality fishing lines, has signed BASS Elite Series Pro Marty Stone to a multiple-year sponsorship agreement.

Vicious bass fishing brands include Vicious Ultimate Fishing Line, Vicious Fluorocarbon and Vicious Braid.

Stone, a 15-year BASS pro and two-time winner on the BASS Elite Series, signed on with Vicious Fishing in 2009 for a one-year commitment. At the end of 2009, he looked to further his relationship with Vicious, recently signing back on for a multiple-year agreement.

“Vicious is a perfect fit for me and here’s why,” Stone said. “For one, Vicious is a family-run business in Alabama, not a giant corporate conglomerate with offices all over the world. It’s a small company built on family, friendships and a dedication to making the best fishing line on the market. And two, all of their line is extruded in the U.S.A., and that’s important to me as well.”

Another aspect of Vicious that Stone has come to favor is the product line’s simplicity.

“They make Vicious Ultimate Fishing line, which is their monofilament, Vicious fluorocarbon and Vicious braid, it’s that simple,” Stone said. “They don’t confuse the marketplace with six different versions of each line.”

Chris Dutton, the Pro-Staff Manager for Vicious Fishing, says Stone gelled nicely with Vicious last year and he is happy to have him on board long term.

“I’ve known Marty a long time and he is a great fit for the Vicious brand,” Dutton said. “Marty is a family man, a proven winner, he maintains a strong promotional presence and he is a hard worker.”

As an example of the value Stone brings to the table for Vicious, he relates a small snippet from the recent Bassmaster Classic.

“Marty didn’t make the Classic this year, but he attended to represent his sponsors,” Dutton explained. “One of his other sponsors asked him to do a promotion with Fish Fishburne on stage. Marty immediately obliged. The next thing I know, Marty is getting more stage time at the Classic than most of the anglers who were in it. That’s Marty for you – he gets it.”

Check out the 2010 Bass Cat Boats catalog online.  Click in the middle of the document to blow it up to full screen.  Very cool!!

A few thoughts about the 2010 Bassmaster Classic

I just returned from Lay Lake, site of the 2010 Classic. Since I didn’t qualify this year, I watched it from sidelines, which is a humbling, yet inspirational experience, and here’s why I say that:

The Classic has been to Birmingham multiple times. And it’s no secret, the fishing industry, like a lot of things right now, is dealing with some tough times. So I had some reservations when I left for this Classic that because Birmingham is a repeat venue and the economy is lagging, crowds would be moderate at best.

When I arrived at the Convention Center, I was blown away by the lines of people waiting to get in the exhibition hall, even before it officially opened. All three days the exhibition hall was packed with eager folks who had fishing on their minds. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new faces that have discovered bass fishing in the last year or so.

At weigh-in on Saturday and Sunday, the coliseum was jam packed with rabid bass fishing fans; once again Alabama represented.

In short, the sheer energy, interest and enthusiasm I saw at the Classic did my heart good. Believe me when I tell you there are still A LOT of people who enjoy and want to be a part of bass fishing.  I am happy to report there is still quite a bit of life in this business.

As for the fishing itself, hey, there’s no denying it, Kevin VanDam is THE best. Period. And he proved it more at this Classic than any of his other Classic titles.

Why? Because KVD basically handed out the playbook to everyone before the tournament started. There were no secret locations or outdated, hard to find lures in this win. He fished one of the most well-known areas on Lay Lake. He used a Strike King Red Eye Shad, a lure that’s readily available to anyone. And he did it all in front of hundreds of spectators every day.

This would be the equivalent of a quarterback telling the defense, BEFORE the game even starts, when he is going to pass the ball and exactly who he is going to pass it to. And still no one can stop him.

Everyone in that field knew that a lipless rattler was going to be a primary player. Everyone in that field knew that the back of Beeswax Creek is a hotspot on Lay Lake. Before that tournament began, everything was out on the table; no one can claim that he had even an inking of advantage over anyone else going into that tournament.

Kevin whipped everyone’s tail, simple as that. Which, in and of itself is pretty inspirational…

Dream Big,


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 23, 2010) – CTC Supply Inc., a wholesale distributor of heating and air conditioning systems based in Fayetteville, N.C., is proud to announce they have signed local BASS pro Marty Stone to a sponsorship agreement.

CTC Supply (Cumberland Trading Company) has been proudly serving the residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs of southern North Carolina for 10 years.

“Hunting and fishing  are a way of life here in North Carolina,” said Jimmy Cass, the General Manager of CTC Supply. “A majority of our customers are outdoors people so it’s a perfect fit to have Fayetteville’s own Marty Stone, a well-known name on the national fishing tours, to represent us. Having him promote CTC Supply will provide some great regional recognition and we look forward to some of the activities we have planned with Marty this year.”

Stone, a life-long resident of North Carolina, is a 15-year BASS pro and two-time winner on the BASS Elite Series.

As part of the sponsorship, Stone will do two personal appearance days at the CTC Supply headquarters in Fayetteville and will also host the winner of CTC’s “Day on the lake with Marty Stone” contest.

“CTC Supply is a great group of folks,” Stone said. “They are big into giving back to their clientele with customer appreciation activities. So this summer I’ll bring my truck and boat to their showroom for a couple of days to talk fishing and hunting with their customers. Then sometime in the fall I’ll take one of their customers fishing on a local lake of their choice as a prize for a promotional contest.”

“Most of my sponsors are national brands,” Stone continued. “But it’s important to me to have a hometown sponsor as well; it proves my credibility in the local community. I identify with these folks on a personal level because I grew up fishing the same lakes and ponds as they did.”


For more information:
Contact: Jimmy Cass, 910-481-0777